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Syndicate Engineer

The "Ghost" of the organization, Ratio is distant and cold to most, rarely engaging with other humans. A critical engineer in the syndicate's leading robotics department, she both repairs and maintains the bots, in addition to making sure they all stay top of the line. Requiring cybernetic prosthetics herself, Ratio has always found tech to be more alluring than flesh.



Bodyguard and Assistant

Valence is Ratio's Shadow, responsible for guarding her on their excursions, but also to aid her however need be. He's a budding Sentience, new and uncomfortable with his feelings, though he is warm and a genuinely helpful sort. Logical and pragmatic, he is often the voice of reason, and often finds himself exasperated by Criticality's volatile personality.



Syndicate Hunter

Criticality is Insurance, a mix of machine and monster to intimidate any others from thinking to compete with the syndicate's robotics. He is cruel and sadistic, created to thrive off of violence and conflict, and to be a deadly and efficient bot hunter. He has, however, developed a deep interest in a few bots, and those with growing self-awareness may receive peculiar attention from the unnerving beast.



Wandering Disaster

Cheats is a bot masquerading as human to evade old regulations against unsupervised sentience. An old medical assistance model, he now drifts about as a merc, gambler, or medic, depending on the situation. Having done this for a few decades at least, he's mastered imitating human mannerisms, and has developed a smart mouth that he could afford to restrain at times. Cheats is prone to indulgences and vices, anything to take the edge off of the anxiety of his secret being found.

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